Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Getting Started

So many of the vegetarian options out there are boring and quite frankly I'm sick of it! Especially in my area (NW London) if you want tasty vegetarian food your only choices are pizza or Indian food and sometimes I want something different and I don't always have the time to make it.

I have been so inspired over the past few years by the various food blogs out there (particularly the lovely Angela from and Isa from and I wish they would both open a restaurant near me that I can pop into when I'm too lazy to cook after work!

My husband is a strict vegetarian and does not eat egg so many of the dishes I have created are based around trying to fulfil my passion for cooking and wowing him and our family/friends with new and fun dishes.

I have ALWAYS wanted to work with food. Standard story really - my job is fine but not what I really want to do and it's time to get off my lazy bum and do something about it!

So Salsa is born. Hopefully we will start off small and grow to take over the world??!! Tasty, varied, international vegetarian food that you can order for your special occasion or just for dinner if you so please.

Please read/comment/criticise as often as you can...this blog is my way of getting started so here goes.